"Any House Can Hold You, But Only A Home Will Embrace You." --- Cap'n Jack

What's Your Super Power?

Are you the "go-to person" in your family for things like home repairs, installations or any other "small" project that needs a "handy" expertise?

On July 4, 2017, we will launch "The National Guild of Home Technicians", an "Uber ©" - like service for skilled home rejuvenation amateurs.

If you are a "Master of One", you can generate income as an independent technician who sets his or her own schedule and own rates.

There are no dues or fees for one year if you reserve your place before "Independence Day", 2017.


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We've Got Your Back!

The Ivy Collection

The manufacture standards of craftsmen, the services of a concierge, guaranteed and delivered directly to your home --- Does it get any better than that?

The National Guild of Home Technicians

An old fashioned way of helping communities and promoting the old fashioned values of quality and service among the local moonlighting technicians.

An ideal source of skills for any "Delegate It Yourself" project around the home.

Memo From The Desk of Cap'n Jack

In honor of National Home Inspection Month in October, we are giving away copies of our Home Inspection Checklist. Books will be mailed in August to any homeowner who fills out the request form that is located HERE.


D.I.Y. Can mean Many Things in Home Repair and Remodeling.

"Do It Yourself"

Traditional / Old School

When projects are done entirely by the homeowner. This method may, or may not involve permits that list the homeowner as the "general contractor" and may, or may not reduce the coverage of a homeowner's insurance policy.

Delegate It Yourself

ALWAYS used by government officials and corporate CEOs to claim credit for "building" something.

Unless you really enjoy doing home projects, many are beyond the skill sets of most modern Americans. The problem is that most people delay projects until they have become unavoidable, complicated and expensive. Catch the problems early by doing annual physical check ups of your home (Or delegate that, too). You'll know what needs to be done, what should be done and figure out if your time is better spent doing, watching or relaxing and have someone else do it.